Consignment Stock

Consignment stockOne of the biggest concerns with component supply is the time taken for delivery and how this then affects your lead times, particularly when customer demand is unpredictable. With consignment stock held at NOTE there is no longer any need to worry as delivery waiting times are eliminated on a whole range of standard parts.

Components & Materials To Hand…

With Rutronik’s support, NOTE Windsor’s consignment stock system holds up to 3 months of forecasted standard SMD stock in our off-line set up area within SMD.  Stock is barcoded into the system and remains Rutronik’s owned stock pending NOTE barcoding it again, when it is eventually needed for the first time.  With 4 SMD lines we often need multiple reels of the same part.  This system works well in this scenario too, allowing us to use original reels with full traceability as needed.

Reduce Your Risk…

With consignment stock Rutronik and NOTE takes away the risk for you and your company ensuring your deliveries are never held up due to the unavailability of basic parts.

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