TraceabilityIs Parts Traceability an essential requirement, a necessary evil or a waste of time and money?

At NOTE you decide.  Each and every customer we work with have their own needs and compliance standards.

What does Traceability mean?

This is always the starting question.  It is all too easy to assume (and we know what that means) that everyone round the table is thinking the same.  However, experience tells us that Traceability means one thing for one person and something quite different for another.

For example, it may mean;

  • Serial numbering and batch control of what we assemble for you.
  • Date codes on bare PCBs that link to a works order
  • PO control of parts coming in for works orders
  • CofCs on all critical parts for UL etc.
  • Manufacturer batch codes matched to works order
  • Manufacturer batch codes listed against assembly serial numbers
  • Or combinations of any of the above

Risk vs cost?

NOTE are happy to provide whatever level of traceability is required.  You however, must determine what the risks are in your business and decide what level (and therefore cost) of traceability you need for your work.

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