Flying Probe Test

Flying Probe Test at a glance

Set Up Costs Programming is normally £1K – £2K.  Some custom interfacing may be needed which may cost extra.  Boundary Scan can be integrated which costs extra.
Speed OK test speed.  Many minutes normally.
Coverage Excellent.  Relies on probe access, but normally excellent.
Operator Level Required Good.  Some technical knowledge
Fault Finding Good.  Fault information is normally component or net level.  Fault tables can be hard to interpret.
Running Cost OK.  Cost or equipment and operator and time means the price is higher than ICT and Boundary Scan on its own.


flying testFlying Test is an excellent test system for smaller batches (which is what we make in the UK), requires little design input so is great when testing is an afterthought or where jigs, fixtures are not appropriate.

Cost is higher due to equipment and test time.  However, coverage is normally very good and very reliable.

Adding in integrated Boundary Scan can then add some degree of functional test and possibly negate some function testing.

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