Inspecting to IPC standards

PCB InspectionThe Joint Industry Standard J-STD-001 forms the basis for determining what is or isn’t acceptable within the electronics industry.  IPC have since developed a series of reference manuals, based on the J-STD which have now become the norm for almost all OEMs.

These include:

  • IPC-600 – Printed Circuit Boards
  • IPC-610 – Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC-620 – Cable and Wire Harness

The list goes on.  However, in very basic terms OEMs simply need to specify the IPC Class they require.  Ranging from 1 to 3.

Industrial work is normally Class 2.  Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Defence industries typically specify Class 3.

As you would expect, we have IPC trained staff and a Six Sigma Blackbelt who not only train our own staff, but are on hand to advise on process parameters so that we can achieve the highest levels of quality.

Knowing your acceptable quality levels is as important as sending us your data and bills of material.  Depending on if we are just assembling PCBAs or building full units, we need to know what YOU will or won’t accept – be it the quality of finish on metal work, the cleanliness of the fluxes or perhaps the tolerance required on the headers.  We are your shop floor – so tell us what you want.

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