Final Assembly

Final Assembly

We provide fully integrated turnkey solutions to get your products finished, tested, boxed and ready for the end customer.

final assembly

Your units built to order as you need them.

Full turnkey production is the next logical step for many OEMs who prefer to focus their attention on R&D, Sales, Support and Configuration.

We provide:

  • PCBA
  • Sub-assembly
  • Chassis build
  • Box-build assembly
  • Wiring & cabling
  • System integration

NOTE offer Kanban supply arrangements for the majority of our turnkey customers giving them the benefit of flexible production and lead times of just one week.

Partnership can be a word that is too often banded about when it comes to supplier and customer relations. However, in this case, a partnership is very much needed. OEMs gain many benefits from outsourcing their units assembly but must also accept responsibility and financial risk for the stock within the Kanban system, which extends right the way down to component suppliers who hold buffers.

There are no rules or limitations to what we can offer. We often joke about having benches and shelves on wheels as we move things round to suit the next challenge. Therefore, please talk to us about what you need, what your current issues are and how we can help you solve them. We won’t be as bold as to say we will always have the answer immediately to hand, but with many different customers and many different assemblies we have considerable knowledge and are happy to be your manufacturing consultant (foc) as well as your assembler.

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