In electronic manufacturing, one of the most difficult things to predict is the demand for a product. It is easy to get into the ‘Just in Case’ mentality where you order parts and manufacture too many goods just to make sure you cover your customer demand.


With NOTE’s Kanban system, the ‘Just in Case’ mentality is eliminated and products are manufactured as and when needed using a pull, not push, mentality.

More Flexible Supply…

Our customer specific Kanban systems self-regulate by pulling higher level build when demand dictates and conversely slows up when demand falls.

Reduce Your Costs…

Optimal batch sizes, manufacturing within normal hours (i.e. not needing to rush and pay premiums due to spikes in demand) and ship to line supply solutions are just some of the ways our Kanban system will reduce your costs and lead times.

Reduce Waste…

Overall, a Kanban system reduces waste in your business in terms of materials, time and space.

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