PCB and Component Sourcing

PCB and Component Sourcing

Outsourcing your manufacturing often goes hand in glove with outsourcing the electronic component sourcing and PCB sourcing. With over 35 years of experience and our combined spend we can usually help you save money.

pcb component sourcing

Why outsource buying?

There are number of reasons our customers choose to outsource the buying function. These include: passing the full responsibility of supplying good working units to us, freeing up your cash to focus attention on R&D / Sales and making the most of our combined purchasing power and expertise compared to your own. The list goes on. However, the key message is that there is normally more to be gained than lost by having a full turnkey solution to your manufacturing.

What do we need from you?

Good data is critical. We need your PCB data, issue controlled with any special requirements clearly detailed in the Read-Me / Drill drawings. We need Bills of Material (BoM) in excel (ideally) with part numbers, cct references, manufacturer part information and details about critical parts and any special traceability requirements. If you have any supported pricing or special manufacturer arrangement, we also need to know. This is just a quick snapshot of the basics. We will talk through what information you have and how together we can get the most from the supply chain.

Forecasts, buffers and excess..

If you were doing the buying you would look at your sales forecasts and work with the supply chain to put in place buffers to help manage lead times and usage. You would also have to accept that suppliers have MOQs, Pack Sizes and as a result you end up with excess stock. We are no different and have to accept the same. We of course do this all for you, but only with your knowledge and approval. The more you help us the more we can help you. It has to be a partnership.

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