Selective Soldering

Selective Soldering

The vast majority of PCBAs we produce are now double sided SMT with some TH parts. To guarantee repeatability and reproducibility of the TH soldering you want to automate the soldering just as you used to with wave soldering on single sided SMT boards. To that end we use a Selective Soldering process.

selective soldering

Complex soldering made easy…

NOTE’s ERSA Versaflow 345 selective soldering lines enable us to tackle increasingly complex double-sided, mixed-technology PCB assembly projects; and in particular boards which must be manufactured to the IPC-A-610 Class 3 standard.

The two lines are fully automated with in and out loaders, fluxing, pre heating, two lead free configurable nozzles (Plus a leaded pot and nozzle which we can swap in as needed) and live video monitoring of the soldering.

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