X-ray/ BGA

X-ray/ BGA

Checking that BGAs and QFNs are placed and soldered to the highest standards can be a challenge unless you have X-Ray AND a BGA Scope.

x ray bga

Real-time X-Ray…

NOTE’s is fortunate to have a X-Tek real-time X-Ray machine that has the ability to allow us to move the PCBA in every axis while being viewed live. This “3D” x-raying means we can properly inspect solder integrity of BGAs and QFNs which cannot be inspected by conventional vision systems.

BGA Scope…

While the X-Ray is essential, on its own you only get half the story. Our hand held BGA scope allows us to quickly assess the shape and quality of the solder balls on all four sides which is essential when signing off on reflow first offs.

Process control …

These simple, yet vital, inspection stages of our processes means we build good quality assemblies that are far more likely to go onto passing test when fitted into their final unit.

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