Is your design fit for manufacture?

Design For Manufacture and Test is just as important as the conceptual design itself.  If a board or unit or can’t be produced reliably and repeatedly, and at a cost that makes it’s financially viable, then your product is not going to succeed.

Get us involved early…

The sooner we are involved in your Prototypes and Pre-Production runs the better.  Our experience shows that once the design is in production then the cost and time to implement changes starts to get in the way of making the improvements.

Through joint collaboration our customers not only benefit from our in-depth process knowledge but also our ethos of striving for simplicity and quality, using tools such as Poke Yoke (methodology for making things “idiot” proof), Lean manufacturing and 6 Sigma means we can ensure you achieve the end result you need.

The following links will help you we hope:

Click link to view / download the Cad Output Rules issued by Aegis for our Circuit Cam front end software
Click link to our preferred PCB partner for extensive information on PCB designs: http://www.ncabgroup.com/pcb-design-input/
Click link to view / download the Design for test rules issued by Spea for flying probe testing
Click link to view / download the Power Off Vectorless testing leaflet for SPEA flying probe testers
Clink link to view / download the NZT Nodal Impedance Testing leaflet for SPEA flying probe testers
Click links to our preferred Boundary Scan partners:

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