Contract Electronics Manufacturing


Selecting the right contract electronics manufacturing partner is a crucial decision. It is one that must not be taken without careful consideration to many factors as it can be key to the success of your business. At NOTE we understand the complexities and demands in transferring and managing this process. A successful outsourcing strategy enables our customers to focus on innovation and fulfilling their customers’ requirements.

NOTE Group is one of the leading EMS partners in Europe, manufacturing electronics for diverse markets in state-of-the-art plants across Europe and Asia. We offer localised friendly service and scalability through our network of global sites.

Our aim is to provide the best service for our customers. We do this by tailoring a manufacturing solution to meet our customers’ technical and business requirements. A critical assessment of your current solution enables us to develop a solution which meets your future objectives.

NOTE’s product lifecycle expertise can support you from concept through to product maturity. We can offer the best fit solution in the right geographical market, serving your market locally.

At the core of our business is expert manufacturing of PCBAs, sub-assemblies, box-build and final system assembly together with a fulfilment model to meet the needs of your market and your customers.

There are 4 NOTE sites in the UK

We have four sites in the UK located in Windsor, Stonehouse, Haddenham and Basildon.


The Windsor facility offers a complete manufacturing partnership solution for PCBA, sub-assembly and final assembly. Established in 1983, the Windsor team have expertise covering a wide variety of applications across varied market sectors. Specialists in offering a range of fulfilment solutions tailored to meet your business needs.


The Stonehouse site offers PCBA and box build solutions on a smaller scale but is equally experienced with expertise across many different projects from wearable devices to road traffic safety. The facility offers the ability to ramp products with the capability to scale and provide a route to the wider network of NOTE facilities.


The Haddenham facility is a large-scale operation offering total end to end solutions for our customers. Not exclusively, but with a focus on EV applications, the team in Haddenham have experience and expertise in putting together a global supply chain solution to get your Greentech product to the market.


The Basildon facility offers a complete manufacturing solution for PCBA, sub-assembly and final assembly. The latest UK site to be added into our portfolio of flexible manufacturing sites. Specialists in offering a range of solutions including a fast prototyping service.

Key to the success of our customers is to ensure they have reliable supply chains in place. In addition to local sourcing strategies NOTE Group’s Central sourcing function supports the regional sites to ensure they can continue to meet their customers’ needs. This ensures the best leverage in component sourcing.

Flexibility Through Outsourcing


When we think of flexibility we often only think of flexibility of finished goods. However, there are a lot of factors in which the right partner can offer flexibility. From Engineering support to collaboration on inbound logistics through the buffering of component stocks either with your partner or buffered at the supplier through a negotiated agreement. Planning and optimised scheduling of your supply chain will often dictate how flexible you can be with your customers, so getting it right is paramount.

The long-term partnerships with customers we build at NOTE, understanding of projects and priorities, take into account every element of technical and commercial needs. Key to achieving this is our customer-focused approach, close collaboration and taking a holistic view of the business and market, enables us to ensure our customers’ inventory and lead-times are kept to an optimal minimum.