NOTE Group

Who are NOTE?

NOTE is one of the leading EMS partners in northern Europe, manufacturing high end electronics on assignment from customers at state-of-the-art plants across Europe and Asia. In November 2018, NOTE acquired all shares in Speedboard Assembly Services.

NOTE Group produces PCBAs, subassemblies, and increasingly, box build products. NOTE’s products are embedded in complex systems used in applications including electronic control, surveillance and security. Most of NOTE’s customer’s are active in medtech, defence, manufacturing, communication and high-end consumer electronics.

Key Facts

History: Founded in 1999

Employee Headcount: Around 1050

Manufacturing Units: Sweden, Finland, UK, Estonia and China

Share: NOTE’s initial public offering was in 2004. The share is quoted on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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NOTE – the customer’s obvious manufacturing partner.

Business Concept

NOTE is a leading northern European manufacturing partner with an international platform for manufacturing electronics-based products that require high technology competence and flexibility through product lifecycles.


NOTE’s strategic roadmap for profitable growth consists of four cornerstones:

  1. To grow the customer base with new customers having complex products and demands.
  2. To grow the business to the existing customer base.
  3. To improve operational efficiency through industry superior quality and delivery performance, improved supply chain services, optimisation of capacity utilisation and enhanced internal administrative processes.
  4. To accomplish carefully selected customer production “take-overs” and acquisitions.

Our Values

Committed – “We make it work.” We are solution orientated, driven and provide a stimulating working environment, internally and for our customers.

Proactive – We endeavour to do business on a proactive, clear and sustainable footing.

Quality Focused – “Get it right from the start.” There is a quality focus in everything we do.

Flexible – We always strive to satisfy customer demand, and adjust setups as required.


NOTE supports its customers by delivering the right quality at the right time, and at the right price. To achieve this, we develop and improve our processes and services continuously in the pursuit of satisfying the needs and expectations of customers and their markets. Being the customer’s manufacturing partner is a great responsibility, and one we take very seriously.

Through our quality management systems and world-class manufacturing practices, we make sure our customers know we live up to our motto “do it right from the start.” Customer experiences of NOTE, and their satisfaction levels, mean we can monitor our progress and continuous improvement work.

Certification and standards:

  • Workmanship IPC-A-610 compliance – all units
  • Experience of manufacturing of products that require ETL or EX approvals, e.g. UL or ATEX