Managed Offshore Manufacturing

Managed Offshore Manufacturing

When demand increases or products reach maturity in their production life cycle, we need to be able to offer our customers cost effective offshore solutions.

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More Flexible Supply…

In electronics manufacturing, one of the most difficult things to predict is the demand for a product. It is easy to get into the ‘Just in Case’ mentality where you order parts and manufacture too many goods just to make sure you cover your customer demand.

Our well-engineered Kanban system self regulates by pulling higher level build when demand dictates and conversely slows up when demand falls. Meaning we never waste your valuable resources.

Reduce Your Costs…

Optimal batch sizes, manufacturing within normal hours (i.e. not needing to rush and pay premiums due to spikes in demand) and ship to line supply solutions are just some of the ways our Kanban system will reduce your costs. Combining this with our offshore solutions offers a fully flexible hybrid model of manufacturing tailored to customers’ business requirements.

Reduce Waste…

Overall our Kanban system reduces waste in your business in terms of materials, time and space.

By offering these services and capabilities we can provide resilience to disruptions in supply in both the short and medium term ensuring key objectives to delivery and technology continue to be met.

Being able to boost manufacturing capacity through a managed offshore manufacturing partner, can help meet an increase in product demand, and make it possible to accept orders that would not have otherwise been possible to manufacture in-house.

As an integral part of NOTE Group the local teams in Windsor, Stonehouse, Haddenham and Basildon add value and manage your business using shared systems and can oversee your offshore manufacturing solution within the network of NOTE factories. Access to local customer support in a common language and the same time zone will allow technical and commercial aspects to be handled swiftly.

Flexibility Is The Key

Customers often require diverse fulfilment models which are unique to their business. At NOTE we aim to develop a flexible supply chain and fulfilment model tailored to our customers business needs. For example, we can manage the Kanban model, stockholding and warehousing locally which operates on a pull system driven by our customers demand.

Experience the difference

NOTE lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.

With three flexible manufacturing locations in the UK, contact us to discover how we could be your flexible partner.

“We’re extremely pleased with NOTE. We have complete confidence in their manufaturing capabilities and pricing policies.”