PCB Assembly Prototype

Siplace3Prototypes are the first stage on a very long road to product realisation. The term prototype can often be mixed up with just wanting low volume production, pre-production or small runs to prove out a new CEM.

True prototypes will be your early designs, needed quickly, and will likely as not be up-issued several times before production.

Tell us what you need…

It is really important you tell us what you need. For example:

  • Quick and low cost hand build
  • Machine / hand build
  • Fully engineered and production built
  • FAIR (First Article Inspection Report)

We can offer you a service that fits your needs.

Quick and low cost

For the super quick and low cost process we will use SpeedPlacer software  to hand build a number or boards into paste (SMD), through holed, inspected and shipped. Typically within 5 and 10 days depending on component supply. You must be able to supply us with X/Y data along with Gerber and BoM

Part hand/ Part machine

A middle ground is part built by hand and part built by P&P Machine.  Set up off line we will run these down one or our 4 SMD lines fitting as many high quantity placement parts as possible, finishing off any special or parts not able to be fitted by machine by hand.  We will need CAD, Gerber and BoM

Full Build

We can do a full build on the production lines to help iron out manufacturability issues.  Often done at Pre-Production stages.  Typically the quantity to build will be higher.  And all parts will normally be purchased production friendly so will be subject to MOQs and Excess.


Do you need documented feedback?  Some customers want detailed reports, others come in and watch the assembly process, some have a meeting.  We can accommodate most things.  However, if you do need a detailed FAIR please let us know when asking for a quote so we can factor in the manpower and time to our costings.

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