What Our Customers Say

Of great appeal to us is Speedboard’s approach to business.  There’s little, if any, of the red tape that so often prevents a traditional customer-CEM relationship from becoming as efficient and mutually beneficial as possible.  For VECTOR final assembly work, Speedboard willingly allocated people and reserved a significant part of their shop floor just for us, which we’ve come to regard almost as an extension of our engineering department.”
Geoff Collins, Sales & Marketing Director of Jenoptik

“The level of support provided during the NPI was incredible.  Our engineers spent a great deal of time in Windsor, almost as if Speedboard was our own shop floor.  We could not have asked for more.”
Imogen Moorhouse, CEO of Vicon Motion Systems

We’re extremely pleased with Speedboard.  We have complete confidence in their manufacturing capabilities and pricing policies.  True, our organisations have their respective business objectives, but the mutual levels of trust enable both parties to focus on the development of their respective core capabilities.”
Susan Harvey, CEO of Vocality


“Customer service – good communication, want what’s best for everyone.  Honest and open.”

Service is awesome.”

“Sit at a good level for our business size.  Good match for our batch size and service requirements.  Good capability along with service.”

They are the only PCB manufacturer we use because we have always had good service, always responsive to any changes and they are easy to work with.”

“Just great customer service.”

“Happy with everything they provide.  Both timewise and communication.”

“Extremely responsive supplier.”

“They provide excellent service, with professionalism, great quality and the set up is top level.  Personal service – feels like dealing with a small company but they have the corporate support and backing.  They have nailed it.”