NOTE Windsor invests with a DEK NEO Horizon screen printing machine

DEK NEO Horizon screen printing machine

NOTE Windsor have invested in a DEK NEO Horizon screen printing machine. With advances in machine design and technology, the new machine is far more accurate in the alignment of the stencil to the board.  Having appropriate and up-to-date Surface Mount equipment and processes is an important part of any PCB assembly company’s road map.

The coplanarity presentation of the board to the stencil is greatly increased across the board surface area giving a superior gasket seal between the board and stencil resulting in improvements in printing. The process repeat accuracy of the system is up to +/-20µm.

With the options we have equipped the DEK NEO Horizon screen printing machine with, it will enable us to keep a tighter control over the process resulting in higher yields:

Hawkeye Inspection
This is a 2d inspection system that scans each board after it has been printed looking for potential print errors, if a failure is detected the machine retains the board and alerts the operator highlighting the problem areas, the operator is then able to examine the error and take the appropriate action to rectify the situation.

This is a low volume dispense system that provides functionality to the printer and allows us to accurately dispense small dots of glue to retain large components in place during the second side reflow process.

Roll Height Monitor
The machine is equipped with a laser that measures the height of the roll of solder paste on the stencil, this ensures that the amount of paste on the stencil is always maintained at the optimum level to ensure a perfect paste roll during the printing process.