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Vicon Motions Systems – World Leader in Motion Capture Solutions

Located in Oxford, United Kingdom, Vicon have been working with NOTE in Windsor since 2011, for 2 generations of its highly successful camera products. Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the life sciences, virtual reality, entertainment and engineering industries.

Processes used have included prototyping, NPI and volume production and the supply of fully tested board solutions using a bespoke Kanban system. NOTE helps Vicon with the whole process, and currently manufactures the 2-camera family, Vantage and Vero.

Nick Japhtha, Supply Chain Manager for Vicon comments, “NOTE in Windsor have been a key supply partner to our business. The quality and supply of board assemblies is critical to the success of our business. By working together, we have ensured that product is always available when our customers need it.”

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Speedboard Partnership
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What Our Customers Say

Of great appeal to us is Speedboard’s approach to business.  There’s little, if any, of the red tape that so often prevents a traditional customer-CEM relationship from becoming as efficient and mutually beneficial as possible.  For VECTOR final assembly work, Speedboard willingly allocated people and reserved a significant part of their shop floor just for us, which we’ve come to regard almost as an extension of our engineering department.”
Geoff Collins, Sales & Marketing Director of Jenoptik

“The level of support provided during the NPI was incredible.  Our engineers spent a great deal of time in Windsor, almost as if Speedboard was our own shop floor.  We could not have asked for more.”
Imogen Moorhouse, CEO of Vicon Motion Systems

We’re extremely pleased with Speedboard.  We have complete confidence in their manufacturing capabilities and pricing policies.  True, our organisations have their respective business objectives, but the mutual levels of trust enable both parties to focus on the development of their respective core capabilities.”
Susan Harvey, CEO of Vocality


“Customer service – good communication, want what’s best for everyone.  Honest and open.”

Service is awesome.”

“Sit at a good level for our business size.  Good match for our batch size and service requirements.  Good capability along with service.”

They are the only PCB manufacturer we use because we have always had good service, always responsive to any changes and they are easy to work with.”

“Just great customer service.”

“Happy with everything they provide.  Both timewise and communication.”

“Extremely responsive supplier.”

“They provide excellent service, with professionalism, great quality and the set up is top level.  Personal service – feels like dealing with a small company but they have the corporate support and backing.  They have nailed it.”

Speedboard Post Net Promoter Score of 63%

We are delighted to report a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 63% following our very first NPS survey conducted in March 2018.

We contracted a consultant to call at least three key customer contacts at each and everyone of our customers.  These included the CEO, Head of R&D and our daily point of contact.

  • We had a 90% response rate by contact.
  • We had a 100% response rate by customer. (i.e. at least 1 person responded from every customer)
  • We had 0 detractors (scores from 0 – 6)
  • We had 16 passives (scores from 7 – 8)
  • We had 27 promoters (scores from 9 – 10)

This gives a NPS score of 63%

“There is always room to improve and Speedboard has a great history of continuous improvement.  However, we are absolutely delighted with these scores and the positive feedback from our customers.  We will now use the data to help identify further opportunities to “wow” our customers over the coming years.” – Neil Owen – MD


The Net Promoter Score & Net Promoter System

The Net Promoter Score is a customer satisfaction, customer experience and loyalty indicator that measures the likelihood of customers to recommend a company, product or service to a friend or colleague. The Net Promoter Score asks one question which rates responses based on a 0 to 10 scale.

For more information and industry scores please visit:

The Net Promoter Score® is a customer loyalty metric originally formulated by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix in 2003. It segments customers into three types based on a 0 to 10 scale: passives, detractors and promoters.

With the Net Promoter Score companies can gauge the health of their customer experience program, and in turn work to improve their customer experience with the Net Promoter System®.

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Strength Through Structure

Speedboard's Dedicated Customer Teams
Dedicated Customer Teams

Speedboard is pleased to announce that it has created dedicated customer teams as part of its strategy to become CEM partner-of-choice for any customer seeking a professional, efficient and value-added service.  This organisational change will help ensure that Speedboard continues to be able to meet its customers’ requirements – and support its growth – in ever-demanding markets.

How are the teams structured?

Each team has a Senior Account Manager, an Account Manager, a Production Engineer and a Buyer and is responsible for supporting a number of customers.  The allocation of customers to a team is based on a variety of factors such as product complexity, assembly complexity and whether or not box-build (final assembly) is required. Or, to put it another way, each customer has been placed in the most appropriate team for their current and future manufacturing requirements.

Advantages of this setup

The team members physically sit together, which has numerous advantages. For instance, each Production Engineer can focus on customer engineering activities and gains, first hand, a detailed understanding of any specific requirements. Similarly, having a dedicated Buyer on the team means information regarding component lead times, obsolescence issues and last time buys is more readily available. The Buyer is also responsible for managing supplier Kanban and buffer agreements.

The Account Manager and Senior Account Manager are both points of contact for the customer and, between them, they provide continuity of support in the event of absence. Also, whilst each team member reports to his or her respective Line Manager for functional direction, it is the responsibility of the Account Manager to ensure the team meets the day-to-day and ongoing strategic requirements of each customer.


In summary, and unlike most CEMs, we now have a number of dedicated, focused and highly proactive multi-disciplined Customer Teams providing the best possible level of support, whilst respecting that each customer has unique requirements.

January 2016 Newsletter

Speedboard January 2016 NewsletterIn this January 2016 edition of our six monthly Newsletter we detail Speedboard’s success in winning an award for ‘Outstanding Customer Service’. Other stories introduce our new organisational changes and explain how we continue to support the local community. Plus Neil Owen, our MD doesn’t miss his chance to dress as Norman Wisdom. All this and much more….

Featured items are:

  • ‘Outstanding Customer Service Award’
  • Strength through structure
  • Speedboard’s creative recruitment pays off
  • Teamwork improves relationships
  • It’s un-canny
  • Technology day
  • Delivering success
  • Supporting the community
  • Ten raspberry Pi Systems for Salisbury Sixth Form

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July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter Cover

In this July 2015 edition of our six monthly Newsletter we have details of our continued investment in new equipment, including a Selective Soldering line.  Other stories include a case study explaining how developing a close relationship, beyond the normal boundaries of CEM/OEM, leads to a Win-Win situation for both parties, plus our CEM of the month award, appointment of our new Finance and Admin Manager… and much more…

Featured items are:

  • Discerning Quality.
  • Customer case study Win-Win
  • All customers set to benefit – SC21
  • CEM of the month feature
  • Appointment of new Finance and Admin Manager
  • New stores layout improves material handling
  • Year end results
  • Team building and fun stories
  • Encouraging tomorrow’s engineers

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January 2015 Newsletter

Jan 2015 Newsletter cover

In this January 2015 edition of our six monthly Newsletter we have details of our recent investments in new equipment, including Vapour Phase Reflow and upgrades to our SMT lines.  We also have details of our new starters and a light hearted feature covering some fun facts about Speedboard.

Featured items are:

  • Ready to tackle increasingly demanding PCB assembly projects.
  • New Sales and Marketing Director
  • New improved capabilities
  • New Starters
  • 10 fun facts about Speedboard
  • Results for 2014
  • Dragon Boat Challenge
  • Staff Summer Party
  • Go Sober in October
  • Christmas Pizza Party

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January 2014 Newsletter

January 2014 NewsletterIn this January 2014 edition of our six monthly Newsletter we have details of the Snowdon walk including the amount we raised.  We also have a time line going back 30 years with some interesting shots of Richard when he still had hair!!  And if you are up for a challenge a “say what you see” competition.

Featured items are:

  • Sponsored walk up Snowdon – the results
  • 30 Year time line of Speedboard
  • Your feedback makes a difference
  • A bright future
  • Caption competition – the results
  • “Say What You See” challenge

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Click link for the answers to the “Say What You See” challenge

July 2013 Newsletter

july 2013 newsletterIn the July 2013 edition of our Newsletter we celebrate the huge success of the Royal Visit by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.  The whole day was fantastic.  A once in a life time opportunity for the vast majority of us I am sure.  Following on from this we now plan a sponsored walk up Snowdon.

Featured items are:

  • Duke of Edinburgh visit a huge success.
  • Sponsored walk up Snowdon.
  • More things you didn’t know about Speedboard.
  • Final assembly – space to fill.
  • PCBA Cleaning.
  • Caption competion.
  • and pictures of our company party for your amusement.

Click link to download a PDF version of the July 2013 Newsletter.

January 2013 Newsletter

Jan 2013 Newsletter coverIn this January 2013 edition of our six monthly Newsletter we have an important date for your diary.  22nd of March is going to be a rather special open day.  We can’t say who will be coming at this point, but I am sure you will be very excited when you find out.  As well as some very dodgy 1983 photos for you to put names against, there is also a short quiz to test your memory.

Featured items are:

  • 30th Anniversary and Open Day coming
  • Work Experience and Apprenticeships
  • Things you didn’t know about Speedboard
  • Who’s who?
  • Factory refurbishment
  • Quiz

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Click link for the answers to the “Quiz”